Greenville Fire News & Announcements
  1. Why they do the work

    We often hear about their work on the news, but it's rare to meet the first responders who risk their lives rushing into burning buildings to help people they've never met. They shy away from the spotlight.

    After their response to a fire last month on Mayberry Street, where crews pulled two people from an abandoned building, Greenville firefighters shared more about their mentality and how they approach every burning structure as if there is life inside.

  1. Interim Fire Chief Brian Horton

    Horton Officially Named Greenville City Fire Department Chief

    Greenville City Manager John McDonough officially removed the “interim” tag to make Brian Horton the Greenville City Fire Department Chief. Horton Made Chief
  2. fire personnel filming fire fighter using cellular phone
  1. the Kidde smoke detector under recall

    Kidde Recalls TruSense Smoke Alarms

    The recall involves Kidde TruSense Smoke Alarm & Combination Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Alarm. The recalled units are Kidde Model Series 2040, 2050, 2060 and 2070 Smoke & Combination Smoke/Carbon Monoxide alarms. Model number is printed on back of the alarm.
  2. two people installing a smoke detector

    Request A Free Smoke Alarm

    City residents can request a smoke alarm check. If your alarm is not working, it will be replaced at no charge to you. Request a Smoke Alarm
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