Week in Review

In March 2020, City Council adopted the following focus areas to help guide the City’s budget process and to ensure it clearly communicates its priorities to City staff and the public for the coming year: 

  1. Quality Growth - Planning for balanced development that preserves the distinct character of Greenville
  2. Environmental Sustainability - Protecting our climate, green space, and natural resources
  3. Public Safety - Maintaining a safe and secure community
  4. Affordable Housing - Creating housing opportunities for all people regardless of income
  5. Customer Focus - Providing outstanding customer service and a welcoming, inclusive environment
  6. Transportation Infrastructure - Focusing on roadways, sidewalks, trails, and bike lanes
  7. Public Transit - Supporting a better public transit system
  8. Public Facilities - Investing in maintenance and enhancement of public buildings
  9. Economic Development - Strengthening our business environment and economy
  10. Recreation and Events - Providing diverse recreation, arts, and cultural experiences

Despite the unexpected challenges and impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, progress is being made in all of the focus areas, and each week, we will highlight some of the ways staff is working to further City Council’s priorities with our “Week in Review” video series.