Protecting Neighborhoods


The City is working on both short- and long-term solutions to regulate development around single-family homes in Greenville neighborhoods.

To provide protection to neighborhoods while the City works to update its development code, City Council adopted a resolution in April 2021 directing staff to address design and dimension standards and project and buffering requirements. The amendments apply to non-residential uses and multi-family uses that are adjacent to detached single-family homes.


The third round of text amendments (below) were approved by the Planning Commission at its July 15 meeting, and by City Council in August.

ADAPTIVE REUSE: Off-Street Parking and Loading

exterior view of Plush Mill
Current Ordinance Proposed Change
Currently, the Land Management Ordinance does not provide specific parking reductions for adaptive reuse projects.

We propose creating eligibility criteria for applicants to qualify for a parking reduction on adaptive reuse projects.

Neighborhood Meetings

group of people looking over development plans
Current Ordinance Proposed Change
Currently, a neighborhood meeting is only required for a rezoning request, major subdivision or special exception for a bed and breakfast inn.

We propose expanding the neighborhood meeting requirement to multi-family uses and any application that requires a public hearing, where the proposed project abuts an existing single-family detached use. The amendment also strongly encourages attendance at these meetings and establishes appropriate elements to include within the staff report.