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Tax Requirements

In 2001, Greenville City Council authorized the levy of a 2% Local Hospitality Tax on prepared meals and beverages including alcoholic beverages, beer, and wine sold in the City of Greenville.

All restaurants, bars, lounges, and private clubs serving food and/or alcohol are required to pay this tax. These funds must be used for tourism-related activities and improvements.

For questions regarding hospitality taxes, please contact the City at 864-232-CARE (2273).

Hospitality Tax Revenue

This report is updated monthly with tax revenue based on calendar year. If you need assistance, email Karen Osborne at or email Burella Williams at

Estimate Your Hospitality Tax Estimate Your Hospitality Tax

Gross Sales of Food and/or Beverages

Estimated tax due:
*Note: Penalties not included in the estimated fee amount above.


The Hospitality calculator is a tool to assist you in estimating your Hospitality Tax payment. Hospitality Tax payments are subject to a 5% penalty for each month that the payment is not paid by the 20th day of the following month. The late fee is not included in the estimated tax of the hospitality calculator above.

The estimated hospitality tax is subject to verification upon submission of payment.