Board of Zoning Appeals


Official Agenda



Regular Meeting
January 14, 2020
4:00 PM

Greenville City Hall is currently closed to the public. 

Please use the following methods to participate in the meeting.

Virtual Meeting Viewing
Password: meetnow

Telephone: 1-415-655-0002
WebEx Event Number: 179 922 9200  

Remote Viewing Location: 
Greenville Convention Center, 1 Exposition Drive – Room 202A
The city of Greenville seeks input from citizens while adhering to public health and safety guidelines. All attendees at the remote viewing location will be subject to a temperature screening with a touch-less forehead thermometer. Anyone with a temperature reading above 100 degrees Fahrenheit will not be admitted. Attendees will be required to wear a covering over their mouth and nose, unless it violates a religious tenant or belief or causes difficulty breathing. 

1. Call to Order

2. Welcome and Opening Remarks from the Chair

3. Roll Call

4. Approval of Minutes – December 10, 2020

5. Call for Public Notice Affidavit from Applicants

6. Acceptance of Agenda

7. Conflict of Interest Statement

8. Call for Public Comment

9. New Business



S 20-643
Application by Debbie Campbell and Laurel Baptist Church for a SPECIAL EXCEPTION to allow an Electronic message board on a proposed monument sign located at 2331 LAURENS RD (TM# 026300-02-00100)
 . . 


S 20-799
Application by Vivian Valdivia (McDonalds) for a SPECIAL EXCEPTION to operate a Restaurant with drive-through located at 2200 AUGUSTA RD (TM# 021500-01-00401)
 . . . 


V 20-808  
Application by Paul Lawler (Bowman Consulting Group, Ltd) on behalf of Circle K for a VARIANCE to rear setback requirements located at 429 WADE HAMPTON BLVD 
(TM# 018901-01-00800)
 . . . . 
10. Other Business
         A. Election of Chair and Vice-Chair
11. Adjournment

Webex Meeting Instructions

Steps for Online Access
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2. Join Event: Board of Zoning Appeals Regular Meeting 1/14/2021
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Steps for Phone Access
1. Dial: +1-415-655-0002
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Procedure for Public Comment during Meeting
1. The Board of Zoning Appeals Chair will read through each agenda item and call for a list of names who wish to speak during public comment. The public shall communicate directly with the Planning Staff Liaison if they wish to speak on the specific agenda item.
2. The Planning Staff Liaison will take a list of names, which will be called in order at the time of the specific agenda item, to provide public comment.
3. The Planning Staff Liaison will communicate directly with the public during the public portion of each item to provide comments on the specific agenda item.
4. Each member of the public shall provide their comments when their name is called by the Planning Staff Liaison.
5. Each member of the public will have 3 minutes to speak on the specific agenda item. When speaking:
Begin by clearly stating your name and address for the record. Please spell your name if it is prone to be misspelled. The 3-minute timer will start after you provide this information.
Please do not repeat information already presented by someone else and avoid off-topic statements. Those who wish to share similar concerns are encouraged to appoint a spokesperson to speak on behalf of the group.
Direct all comments and questions to the chairperson, who will respond or direct the question to the appropriate party for response.
6. The Planning Staff Liaison will continue through the list of names until all members of the public who wished to speak on the specific agenda item have had an opportunity.
7. Once all names are called and public comment provided, the public portion for that specific agenda item will be closed.

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