Planning Commission


Official Agenda



City of Greenville
Planning Commission
Regular Meeting
4:00 PM February 20, 2020
10th Floor Council Chambers, City Hall


1.Call to Order

2.Welcome and Opening Remarks from the Chair

3.Roll Call

4.Approval of Minutes

   a.January 14, 2020 Workshop

   b.January 16, 2020 Public Hearing

5.Call for Public Notice Affidavit from Applicants

6.Acceptance of Agenda

7.Conflict of Interest Statement



8.Old Business


A.SD 19-017
Application by Robert Julian for a COTTAGE SUBDIVISION on 1.04 acres located at HALL ST from 2 LOTS to 9 LOTS (TM#s 0201000102701, 0201000102702)


9.New Business


Application by City of Greenville for a TEXT AMENDMENT to modify Section 19-3.2.2(Q), NRO: Neighborhood revitalization overlay district, and add new Section 19-6.12, Design Standards for Neighborhood Revitalization Overlay District.


Application by City of Greenville for a REZONE to remove certain properties along from the West End Overlay District (see project documents for TM#s)


Application by John Cothran for an ANNEXATION of 2.795 acres located at WEBB RD and REZONE from S-1, Services district, in Greenville County to S-1, Services district, in the City of Greenville (TM# 0545010100101)


Application by South Creek Development, LLC for an ANNEXATION of a total of 4.17 acres located at WOODRUFF RD and REZONE from S-1, Services district, in Greenville County to C-3, Regional commercial district, in the City of Greenville (TM#s 0261000100601; 0261000100603; 0261000100602)


E.MD 20-001
Application by Graycliff Capital Development, LLC for a MULTIFAMILY development on 22.46 acres located at intersection near SALTERS RD and WOODRUFF RD for 268 apartment units (TM#s 0261000100600 and portion of 0261000100900)


F.SN 20-027
Application by Drew Parker for a STREET NAME CHANGE and NEW STREET NAME development located near  ECHOLS ST and PETE HOLLIS BLVD for a previously approved subdivision


G.SD 20-001 Applicant Requested to Defer to March PC Meeting
Application by Neal Fogleman for a SUBDIVISION on 1.00 acre located at 205 and 207 STONE AV from 5 LOTS to 19 LOTS (TM#s 0035000501100; 0035000501200; 0035000501300; 0035000501501; 0035000501500)


H.SD 20-002
Application by Matt Tindall, Tindall Architecture Workshop for a SUBDIVISION on 0.67 acre located at 38 SOUTHLAND AV from 1 LOT to 3 LOTS (TM# 0067050100600)


10.Other Business

   A.Monthly Comp Plan Update

   B.Upcoming Dates:

      1. 12:00 PM Tuesday, March 17, 2020 - PC Agenda Workshop

      2. 4:00 PM Thursday, March 19, 2020 - PC Public Hearing

   C.Election of Officers

11. Adjournment
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