Board of Zoning Appeals


Official Agenda



Regular Meeting
June 10th, 2021
4:00 PM

The City of Greenville Board of Zoning Appeals will hold an in-person Public Hearing for the following items on Thursday, June 10th, 2021 at 4:00 PM at the Greenville Convention Center at 1 Exposition Drive. Those wishing to provide comment on an item may either provide written comment to staff or attend the in-person meeting.

Citizens may also view the meeting at the following web address:

1. Call to Order

2. Welcome and Opening Remarks from the Chair

3. Roll Call

4. Approval of Minutes 

         A. May 11th, 2021– Workshop
         B. May 13th, 2021 – Regular Meeting 

5. Call for Public Notice Affidavit from Applicants

6. Acceptance of Agenda

7. Conflict of Interest Statement

8. New Business

         A. S 21-343
         Application by Roger Carlton dba Four Aces for a SPECIAL EXCEPTION to establish a restaurant with a drive-through/pick-up window at 115 PELHAM RD., STE 1 (TM# 027900-01-01000).

 . . 


         B. S 21-379
         Application by Marty Price/Pendleton Street Baptist Church for a SPECIAL EXCEPTION to establish a religious institution (church) at 123 ARLINGTON AVE. (TMs # 008200-02-01000; 008200-02-00800; and 008200-02-00801). 
 . . . 


         C. A 21-413 
         Application by Jacob Billingsly for an APPEAL of the administrator’s decision to revoke a Special Exception Permit located at 11 FALLS PARK DR.  (TM# 007000-01-02400).

 . . . . 
9. Other Business

10. Adjournment

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